Franchise consultancy

Would you like help with the development of your franchise in The Netherlands? Franchiseadviesbureau Van Rijn is a trusted franchise consultant with extensive experience in assisting foreign franchisors in entering the Dutch market.

Franchise consultancy services for international franchisors

Franchiseadviesbureau Van Rijn offers a wide array of franchise consultancy services to franchisors that are considering expanding their franchise to The Netherlands. You can think of the following services:

  • analysis
    • a ‘SWOT’ analysis into entering the Dutch market
    • full or partial market study into subjects like market size, market characteristics or legal requirements for franchisors
  • advice
    • preferred collaboration model for your brand in The Netherlands such as multi-unit development or master franchising
    • marketing and media advice
  • adaptation or translation
    • franchise brochure
    • franchise disclosure document in accordance with Dutch franchise legislation (applicable since January 1st 2021)


Naturally, I will be happy to answer any first questions that you might have about the Dutch franchise market.

Your first step towards franchising in The Netherlands

If you would like to know more, please send me an e-mail with some first info about your franchise and including your contact details. After our initial contact, we can plan a free consultation meeting. In this (online) meeting, I will be happy to share some first characteristics of the Dutch franchise market with you and we can discuss your objectives.